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Season 1:

All episodes can be seen on Eastlink Community TV Channels 10 and 610.


Episode 1 Mabou Highlands 


In this episode, enjoy stunning views of the Mabou Highlands where thousands of hectares of land have been protected forever wild. Learn how different organizations, private citizens and the provincial government all worked to make it happen. Hear from local hiker Nadine Hunt on what it means for everyone to have access to these highlands. 


Episode 2 Wolfville Watershed Nature Preserve


In this episode we’ll learn about a special place just outside of Wolfville that is much loved among people of the area. We’ll learn about how to visit special places that are popular and how to put less pressure on the wildlife that live there. Naturalist Bernard Forsythe shares stories from his life long hobby.


Episode 3 Pleasant River 


In this episode get an in depth look at a very special endangered species, the Blandings turtle who nests and lives in this part of Nova Scotia. Meet turtle conservation expert, Carter Feltham who will share what makes this Wild place so important for this species. Also, learn about work to protect the endangered Eastern Ribbon Snake in the Acadia First Nation.


Episode 4 100 Wild Islands


If you haven’t heard of the “100 Wild Islands” off Nova Scotia’s Eastern Shore, you are in for a treat. This is a Wild place on an epic scale. An entire archipelago of hundreds of islands and most are now protected forever. Watch and learn how organizations and the provincial government worked together to protect this beautiful place. 


Episode 5 Partridge Island 


In this episode we’ll visit Partridge Island, a much loved and well visited spot in Cumberland County. This small island and accompanying shoreline are rich in both natural history and human history. This island has important connections to the Mi’kmaq who called the island Wa’so’q or heaven. We’ll learn why it was an important place then and continues to be so now. Meet a local volunteer who helps care for this protected land.


Episode 6 Port Latour


If you are a bird lover, this episode is for you! Meet experts from Birds Canada and learn about the plight of the endangered piping plover and how you can help. Hear about how Nova Scotia’s shoreline is an important part of the migratory bird route called the Atlantic Flyway. Long beaches and epic coastal views await.


Episode 7 Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes


In this episode you’ll hear about the efforts to protect the incredible Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes area. Right in the middle of the most developed city in our province sits this ecological gem, roughly the size of the Halifax Peninsula. Learn more about how this place is important for large animals and people alike. 


Episode 8 Baddeck


In this episode you’ll learn about the incredible protected karst landscape near Baddeck, NS. Be swept away by the incredible natural beauty as you learn about caves, bats and globally endangered habitats right here in Nova Scotia.


Episode 9 St. Mary’s River


The St. Mary’s River is a rare gem that is truly a wild place in Nova Scotia. This stunning spot is deep in the forest where the wild things are! In this episode we’ll learn about efforts to restore the river to conserve salmon habitat for future generations.


Episode 10 Pennant River


We often think of Wild places being deep in the forest, hours away from civilization, but in this episode, learn about forests and rivers just a half hour from a major intersection in Halifax that are so special, they have been preserved forever, for your grandchildren and for mine.


Episode 11 Rogue’s Roost


This stunning natural refuge has been a sought-after spot for sailors since pirates roamed the North Atlantic. In this episode learn about the successful protection of this natural gem for future generations.


Episode 12 St. Margaret’s Bay Islands


Some places are just too special to turn over to housing development. In this episode learn about the St. Margaret’s Bay Stewardship Association and their successful attempts to save some very special islands for us all.


Episode 13 St. Mary’s River Watershed


This huge watershed is home to some very special habitats and species. In this episode, learn about what wild has been protected and what remains at risk in this pristine watershed.

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